An Introduction to The Dark City 


October of 2015 marks the debut of two quarterly publications: The Dark City Crime Newsletter and The Dark City Crime & Mystery Magazine. 

Variations on a Theme 

The Dark City Crime & Mystery Newsletter is a factual journal of the human toward crime as a solution to its personal needs. 

The Dark City Crime & Mystery Magazine is a fictional portrayal of the same terrain. 

Both publications will have a printed version and a version on-line. The website for both is 

Both publications will focus on the setting of the American West. 

So far we have corres-pondents for our newsletter covering crime in the past in the cities of Seattle, Spokane, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. They are talented and industrious reporters of life as it was once live and crime as it was once committed. 

For our stories from the past we try to find a series of connected stories that chronicle not only crime, but a series of characters whose fate, similar to our own, is that of mortals caught up in the struggles that  

In our newsletter we try to limit the time frame to a particular week or month in history in a particular place 

The past permits us to see the events with greater distance and sometimes humor because it doesn’t threaten us in the way present events do. We identify with the people in these stories, but don’t find even horrible acts quite so horrible since we know that all the actors in these plays have suffered the ultimate fate at some point in the time already passed. 





All Crime is an attempt by an individual to solve a problem—usually a lack of funds, but often a much darker need. 

Crime can be the most predictable of human activities and it can be the most surprising. We hope you will be entertained and sometimes enlightened by the tales of crime and love and suffering the occur in The Dark City.