VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 - JAN 2017

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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 - OCT 2016

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ISSUE THREE - April 2016

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ISSUE TWO - January 2016

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ISSUE ONE - October 2015

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In The Dark City a move from Spokane to Alaska in the 70s is supposed to allow you to make a fortune. Instead, you become involved in a marital dispute and murder. Elsewhere in The Dark City, a marriage is going south because a husband doesn't believe he is ever wrong. He may be right, but he may also be dead. Then there is the devoted wife and mother who has to kill for a living, a woman who is being stalked by a man with vulnerabilities, and a bank robber who didn't rob a bank--he had a good reason. Welcome to the darker side of reality. Welcome to The Dark City.

A Spenard Road Divorce 


By Darin Krogh 


You move from Spokane to Alaska hoping to make a fortune. Instead you learn about Spenard Road....  

Dead Right  


By Barbara Curtis 


Your husband is one of those guy's who thinks he's always right. Dead right....  

Kill Fees 


By Chris Quarembo 


A wife and mother is in a tough spot. It's natural to think murder-for-hire is a solution.... 

The Date 


By George Garnet 


Your life is private and comfortable. You'll protect it if you must.... 

The Great Wattonville Bank Robbery 


By Lester Weil 


Not all bank robbers are dangerous. Some are not even robbers....