VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 - OCT 2016

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ISSUE THREE - April 2016

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ISSUE TWO - January 2016

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ISSUE ONE - October 2015

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In The Dark City you drive a cab and it takes your life. You're technically alive, but all you do is drive cab. You forget the life that normal people live and you learn your life in a cab. And then one day a guy gets into your cab and bleeds out his life in the back seat. It's the kind of thing that can make even a cab driver rethink his life. Elsewhere in The Dark City a mischievous dog is creating a hazard for drivers passing by his farmhouse, a trio of ladies meeting daily for coffee are experiencing social disorientation, and a whiny, self-obsessed pizza shop worker gets a lesson on the darker side of reality. Thanks for visiting The Dark City.

Dead Man's Cab 


By Brian Haycock 


You're a cab driver and you expect to live your life in a cab, but you don't expect your customers to end theirs in a cab....  

The Coot Pond 


By Darin Krogh 


A dog is happiest in the spring when he can start coot stampedes and put cars in the ditch....  

For Julia's Sake 


By Erica Eastick 


Three good friends meet every day for tea. Which one will go to jail.... 

The Picture 


By Christopher L. Malone 


No matter how cynical or self-obsessed you are, you can still learn that things are even worse than you thought....