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ISSUE THREE - April 2016

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ISSUE TWO - January 2016

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ISSUE ONE - October 2015

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In The Dark City you can find crime in everyday life. A car salesman agrees to sell you a car and introduces you to his brother the finance manager who will arrange a loan. Oh, he's a finance manager all right-with a vengeance! In another part of the city a middle-aged man marries a young wife expecting his new life to turn out wonderfully. Anyone want to bet on it? Crime is everywhere, especially when the weather turns hot. Summer bring stories featuring a car loan gone bad, a new husband learning about disappointment, a jewel thief who disappoints his relatives, and a claim jumper who doesn't know he is annoying a guy named Big Ed. Thanks for visiting The Dark City.

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! 


By Steve Oliver 


You're young, out of work, and you need a car, but perhaps it's better to wait rather than take out a loan.... 

The Second Wife 


By Barbara Curtis 


In the spring the middle-aged man thinks of young women. Perhaps he should leave the thinking to others.... 

All that Glitters 


By Linda Bond 


Your family is your family. You love them and you trust them and you believe what they tell you...until a preponderance of the evidence tells you otherwise.... 

Claim Jumper 


By Darin Krogh 


Montana has many strange characters and you're about to meet one named Big Ed....